About Me

I’m Jen Campbell

Personal Brand Strategist


I help coaches and consultants use their values & personal brand story for more impact, influence & income online. 


What’s Your Vision?

You have an idea of what you want to do.

The path to getting there can be overwhelming.

We will outline a strategy of what it will take, the tools you need, and a plan to implement.


How will you grow?

Building a personal brand and business takes authentic community connection.

I’ve built loyal customer communites working for a fortune 500 company, and growing my own businesses.

It was why I was chosen by Facebook, to attend their Community Leaders Summit , hosted in San Francisco in 2019. It’s why I was part of  the Facebook Community Accelerator program. And invited to attend the Summit again virtually in 2020-22.


What’s your message?

It is who you are at your core.

I help people see the good in you through personal branding.

It takes more than following your passion to pay the bills.

It takes a clear message, brand, and authentic customer connection to convert.


She’s thoughtful, knowledgeable and sincere. Jen coached me through the start up process for my gaming business concept.

Catherine McNeil

CHBM Services LLC

She helped me establish my brand, retain and manage all of my related domains, as well as copyright my content, and share it safely. She was instrumental in the success of my title blog post going viral.

She is great with the details, and the work she did for me was well rounded. She was emotionally supportive, tech savvy, and extremely professional. I always felt like she was in my corner, and invested in my success.

Kellee Kate


Jen put together an ebook on Facebook Marketing for me. Jen is easy to work with. She is passionate about her projects and goes above and beyond to deliver immense value.

Konrad Braun


1:1 Coaching & Consulting

1:1 Strategy Sessions